Signs of spring along the Strandja Black Sea coast

Signs of spring along the Strandja Black Sea coast

Star Anemone – Anemone pavonina- flowering along the Black Sea coast

Flowering Fruit Trees

Blossoming Fruit trees in Strandja

Blossoming orchards – a highlight of the Strandja spring!

The storks are back!

White Stork in Strandja

The return of the storks, both Black storks and white storks, is always a reason for joy in Strandja.

Another pink spring surprise…

Another pink spring surprise...

Double Lilac Primrose – Primula acaulis ssp. rubra, an ice-relict in typical for Strandja

Colourful spring flowers on the woodland floor

Round-leaved cyclamen and Yellow Crocus

Round-leaved Cyclamen – Cyclamen coum and Yellow Crocus – Crocus flavus are two of the earliest flowering plants in the Strandja beech woodlands

Sunset over the Snow-covered Strandja Landscape

Pristine snow in Strandja

Snow turns golden when the sun sets on a winter evening in the Strandja Mountains

Patient Strandja Inhabitant

Animal inhabitants of the Strandja mountains

A Strandja inhabitant takes the opportunity to ponder the big questions in life while waiting patiently for the snow to melt.

Tracks Through the Snowy Landscape

Strandja grassland covered in snow

The white Strandja hills invite you to explore…

The First Signs of Spring in Strandja

Round-leaved Cyclamen flowering in Strandja Nature Park, Bulgaria

Round-leaved Cyclamen – Cyclamen coum – has started flowering in the Strandja woodlands. The first sign of spring, but for real spring we will have […]

Traditional Strandja Village House

Traditional Strandja Village House

A 300 year old traditional village house is a stunning sight in the Strandja winter snow.