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cancles burning on altar in front of icons

Nestinar in Strandja

Nestinar deep in the forests of the Strandja Mountains. Candles burn in front of icons on an altar. [more_strandja_culture]

Candles burning in Strandja

These candles were lit in a small chapel in Strandja nature park before Nestinar celebrations in the forest. See for the full story. [more_strandja_culture]

Wild Flowers on Black Sea cliffs

Wild flowers growing on cliffs at the Strandja Black Sea coast. [more_black_sea_coast]

Rocky shallow Strandja coast

Shallow Black Sea water surrounded by rocks at a beach in Strandja. [more_black_sea_coast]

Veleka Black Sea Estuary

The estuary of the river Veleka. Veleka meets the Black Sea here. The estuary consists of extensive marshes and sand dunes where a wide variety of water birds, insects and plants find their home. The yellow flag iris is one of them.

sun rising above the strandja black sea coast

Black Sea Coast Strandja

We camped at the beach the night before. And in the morning there was this stunning sunrise. [more_black_sea_coast]

Mist rises from the sea in Stranjda

Black rocks outlined against the light before sunrise. Mist rises from the Black Sea seen from a deserted beach at the coast of Strandja. [more_black_sea_coast]

Kosti River Valley

Where the Veleka river reaches the village of Kosti, the river valley widens. Here, the river is accompanied by tall, mature willow trees, flowing through wide grassy plains. Every year the river floods these plains, leaving small channels as evidence.

Traditional Strandja style house

A house built in the style traditional for the Strandja mountains. Cool in Summer, warm in Winter, these houses are an example of traditional architecture. [more_strandja_culture]

A Blue Argus butterfly (Ultraaricia anteros) rests on a white flower in the early evening sun.

Blue butterfly on flowerhead

A Blue Argus butterfly (Ultraaricia anteros) rests on a flowerhead in the early evening sun. [more_strandja_butterflies]