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Strandja mountains in the winter snow

View over Strandja in Winter

View over the Strandja Mountains in the Winter Snow.

An old donkey cart rests in the shade of a tree. In the background is a mountain ridge.

Donkey cart in Strandja

An old donkey cart in the shade of a tree in the Strandja mountains. [more_strandja_culture]

Photography in the Strandja Mountains

Strandja is the lowest mountain range in Bulgaria. Many green rolling hills makes Strandja perfect for photography. And without the need for specialist climbing gear!

The Veleka Ribbon

The Veleka river winds like a blue ribbon through a sea of green woodlands.

River valley in the Strandja Mountains

The beginning of Summer in a river valley in the Strandja Mountains. A green oak in grass starting to turn yellow underneath a blue Bulgarian sky.